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Welcome to Blog for Money, a regularly updated website that is packed with ways to help you become an entrepreneur and start a business from home for minimal outlay. We are dedicated to helping you find the best ways to make more money online without investing lots of cash, and definitely avoiding internet business scams.The worldwide web offers thousands of opportunities for ordinary people to make a second income from home online using a computer and an internet connection to create a successful blogging business – Blog for Profit. It is cheap and simple for you, as a home business entrepreneur just starting out, to buy your own web domain names and get them hosted at a very low cost. Very soon you will start making money from websites and blogs. With the help of free WordPress blogging software, as used on this website, you can publish professional looking pages on the web without the need to pay a designer or learn programming skills yourself. This blog is powered by free software called WordPress and uses free WordPress designs, known as themes. We also use free WordPress plugins which block spam, display our advertising around the site and make the site more search engine friendly. You can use all these free resources to get you started with a blog and website today using our internet tutorials.

Blog for Profit – Get Paid to Blog
Did you know that there are thousands of companies who are interested in paying you for advertising on your website or blog to help improve their website page rank and increase traffic, and they are willing to pay you to write sponsored blog posts and reviews on your blog. You may want to start your own website, become an affiliate marketer or you could get started easily and cheaply with an online income from your blog. We can show you how to do all these using legitimate methods, and avoid the online scams and ripoffs.How do you know if you are looking at a legal business opportunity (likely to make money for you) or an internet scam (likely to take your money)? We have seen hundreds of different work at home ideas on the internet, promising to make you rich – usually overnight! Through trial and error, we have found a selection of sound and established Second Income Ideas. We review and recommend the latest top business opportunity to suit you. If you long to work from home online, or need to change career after being laid off, we can help. Maybe you want a part time business for extra income to pay the bills – you will discover the latest ideas, advice and reviews of Income Generation and Affiliate Programs.

The site is packed with Free Downloads and eBooks, as well as ideas for making money online, and is updated constantly, so please look around. You can start to create wealth working from home today wherever you live – using the power of the Internet and the Web. You can also subscribe to our blogs for the latest home entrepreneur ideas and Adsense Coaching and regular updates.

The first step on the way is to sign up for your copy of the FREE Internet Business Tips EZine – see below. You will learn how to start your Home Business, with Reviews of Affiliate Programs, Franchises and MLM or Network Marketing, and find out the latest updates on making money from Adsense.

I have researched the most reliable recommended services to help you start earning extra cash online at the lowest cost – domain names, web hosting, free traffic sources and web design software. You do not need to invest a fortune to begin making money from home. Get your free quick start guide here

If you are looking for ideas to make extra cash you have probably seen small ads in the papers and online, claiming you can earn hundreds or even thousands a month by working from home. When you follow them up, you may be asked to pay money to receive more information or materials.

The first thing to do when you come across such a golden ‘income opportunity’ is to think it through. If profit is guaranteed why would anyone charge you to find out about it, indeed – if it was working so well for them WHY would they want to share it?

These income programs or money-making systems often claim to be ‘risk free’, and may also claim to reveal secret methods to generate a guaranteed income.

The simple answer to this is that these opportunities and network marketing schemes are often nothing more than internet scams, similar to pyramid schemes, where the money you pay for materials goes to wealth creation for the people at the top – leaving the people at the bottom out of pocket. Never pay money for details on a job – would you do this in the normal world? No. Do not pay any money upfront unless you know what you are buying. Ask yourself – if the opportunity seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

I am very wary of network marketing programs or MLM in particular. There ARE some network marketing companies operating legally, if not morally. The big danger with these companies is that many do not sell a real product – and those that do are priced much higher than similar products available in the shops. If you join, you have to convince your customers to pay a premium price for an untried and costly product. Most MLM schemes promise massive wealth creation in a very short time, as well as financial independence from continuing residual income. They encourage you to play on the sympathy of friends and family for your first sales, causing you to lose friends for all the wrong reasons.

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  1. Omar on August 24th, 2008

    This is just the kind of info that people lookng for methods to accrue mutliple streams of income online should be focusing on. Good on ya. I for one will be returing to this weblog in the future. Clean, easy-to-navigate design as well.

  2. Rachael on August 27th, 2008

    how to blog and make money


  3. Denise Hart on August 27th, 2008

    I need to set up a website and blog. I would like to offer a service of drawing logos or design adverts or do DTP work on magazines, newspapers, ads, etc. I live in South Africa. Then a pay system linked to services rendered. Plese advise

  4. Gills Secret traffic generator on August 29th, 2008

    Good post, may I use it?

  5. Steven Fu on September 1st, 2008

    Online scams have really deteriorated the interest in people to be involved in online businesses. Your post will definitely lighten the deterioration.

  6. Franco on September 26th, 2008

    Refreshing, just stay away from the free wordpress blogs, they don’t allow any monetization. But google loves wordpress as a blogging tool so just opt for the paid version. And once you start you’ll start seeing first page rankings.

  7. Steve Bennett on December 10th, 2008

    Whilst I agree that there are many scams etc the principles of MLM are good business sense. MLM is a respected business in the USA but unfortunately a few bad apples have given the whole industry a bad name. Highly respected Companies such as Amway and Forever Living use the MLM model to very good effect and have made a good living for thousands of people throughout the world. MLM offers an opportunity to many people who would not have otherwise started their own business. So yes there are lots of scams but just because a company uses the MLM model does not make it inherently bad!

  8. Flora on December 24th, 2008

    Steve – thanks for your comment, I haved had dealings with both Amway and Forever Living in the past. Both are legitimate companies but in my view a good share of their sales comes from enthusisatic newbies who buy stock that they cannot sell on at the prices they expect. They give up, and the company keeps the money.

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