Top 10 Paid to Post Sites for Blogs

If you are new to paid blog posts, find out how they work and how to start blogging for money here. I am listing the top paid to post sites, ranked in order of the amounts they have paid recently for my sponsored posts on blogs.

1 PayU2Blog
Once you create your account, opportunities are sent to you and they will appear whenever you log in. Pays $5 for a post of 60 words minimum, including one link to the advertiser’s site using the anchor text they specify. These are quick to write and the opps can mount up, in fact they paid the highest amount to me for August out of all the paid blogging sites. They require you to complete all the assignments sent to you within deadline, which is mostly around four days. There are other bonuses on this site if you live in the US, as they often get samples of products for bloggers to review.

2. Blogitive
These offers appear in your dashboard when you sign in, but you have to be around when they pop up to click ‘accept’. Posts appear sporadically but when they do, they arrive thick and fast and you are paid $5 per assignment. Once accepted you have 48 hours to write the post (100 words minimum). Despite the unpredictable nature of the opportunities, I have found this to be a consistent source of earnings.

3. Pay Per Post
This is one of the biggest sites, with more than 40,000 registered members. When you log in to your account there can be up to 200 opportunities on offer. But there is a qualification requirement for all opps, and the highest paying assignments usually require Page Rank 5 blogs. At the moment you can make two posts per day for each of your blogs and the reality is that most opps will pay no more than $15 each for blogs up to PR3. The admin at this site can get quite strict about the rules,

4. Blogsvertise
There are two ways to get paid posts at this site. Assignments are emailed to you, but you can also log in once a day to check on the grab bag tasks. Most posts pay $6 – $10, for an entry of three paragraphs containing a minimum of three links to the advertiser’s site. This site started slowly for me but during August the paid opportunities have been more frequent. Blogsvertise is currently my fourth best paying site.

5. LoudLaunch
This site shows a list of live opportunities on your dashboard, but many of them are already expired or may not be available to lower page rank blogs. The sponsored posts pay $5 each for 150 words, and no disclosure is required in the post itself. The awkward part of the process is that you have to go back to the site and click a link to get your post approved, between 10 minutes – two hours after posting. If you forget to do this your post will be rejected automatically.

6. BlogtoProfit
After accepting your blog the Admin at this site will send you assignments via email, with a spreadsheet attached for you to post details of the URLs where you have placed the link. You normally receive five assignments paying $5 each for 60 words minimum. After you email the details, your payment arrives within 48 hours.

7. Money4Blogs
This site paid for a few links on my blogs several months ago and then the company seemed to disappear off the radar. Now they are back online, alive and kicking. You submit the URL(s) of your blog(s) and they make you an offer for the link. I received $20 for some of the links but the new payment structure has not been publicised yet.

8. V7N Webmaster Forum
At this site you need to register your blog(s) but there is no dashboard so if you have more than one blog you cannot check its status. You also need to join their forum and mention your ID when you register your blog. Assignments are then sent to you via a private message at the forum, so make sure you set your forum options to notify you. This site has been quiet for me lately: this month I received only one paid posting job. The post requirement is 100 words minimum, you reply to the message with the URL of your post and the money is paid within 48 hours.

9. Blogging Ads
Until recently BloggingAds new offers appeared on the first day of the month and you needed to log in to claim them. Now they state that offers are spread through the month, however I have not received any assignments at this site since July. If there are a lot of paid posting opportunities do bear in mind that each account is limited to three posts per blog each month, and ten posts per month across all of your approved blogs. Assignments pay $5 each for a paid blog post of 100 words approximately. The reason I have not stated a precise requirement on post length is that BloggingAds supplies ready-written copy that you can post if you choose, otherwise you can take the keyword phrases and anchor text and write your own posts.

10. Bloggerwave
This site had some problems with Paypal admin in its startup phase, leading to rumours of a scam. These have now been completely resolved and the paid post opportunities pay you $10 per assignment. So far there have been only five different opps.

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  6. mortgagevladim on October 12th, 2007

    I’ve found this site accidentally
    The site has an interesting title. I’ve been interested in discussing themes, I want to open a new theme
    Bye bye

  7. Reshma on November 6th, 2007

    I had signed up at and

    I havent got any reply from them yet. I had earlier published links in my blogs. But they are not responding now.

  8. joanna on November 15th, 2007

    Thanks for the list. Will apply for some of the programs.

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  11. Dean Saliba on April 23rd, 2008

    I found a couple of new sites thanks to your list.

    You could also mention Sponsored Reviews and Smorty if you do a follow-up post.

    Best regards,

    my website:

  12. venkat on April 30th, 2008

    hi .. its very great to know all this stuff.
    i already known about and bloggerwave only.. but you found and delivered more..
    thanks a lot.. keep blogging.. http://

  13. Benny on May 7th, 2008

    I used to have several grab bags with Blogsvertise until one day they suspected my site to be fake. When I contested that and proved that it is on my account, they next said I was doing illegal page ranking! That was two months ago. Until now there are no task being given to me.
    They are unreasonably strict. They have always put my payment on hold and only pay it after I ask them to do so.

  14. Flora on May 7th, 2008

    That is worrying, I am not sure how they decide a website is ‘fake’. I have had a few problems with Blogsvertise rejecting posts recently, and this has caused me to lose money for posts I had already published. I would like to hear from any other Bloggers who had similar problems with Blogsvertise.

  15. sheetal on May 9th, 2008

    Hi Flora

    The paid blogging scenario has changed drastically in the last two years. here is my list which includes 40 sites, with reviews
    Blogsvertise is definitely having problems in getting and retaining advertisers. The tasks have dried up.

  16. henry on May 11th, 2008

    This list is good and you can also add

  17. Dean Saliba on May 12th, 2008

    Does anyone know how long it takes Money4Blogs to get back to people?

  18. Flora on May 13th, 2008

    Hi Dean

    I got a couple of sets of text links from Money 4 Blogs back in November, and since then – nothing. I recall that there was an approximate three week gap between submitting my site and receiving the links, but for me the negative thing is the lack of repeat business. Money4Blogs seems to give one assignment and then nothing more.

    Good luck,


  19. Bharath on May 21st, 2008

    Very useful article. But you could also include Smorty and Sponsored Reviews in that list.

  20. Kristi on June 4th, 2008

    I tried signing up for a few weeks ago. They said I didnt have enough posts lol. I was like uh what!?! Maybe Ill try again eventually. But considering payperpost ISN’T your #1 choice, maybe Ill try #1 out. I need one that pays good, pays through PP, and pays often. I actually found this site because someone sent me a friends request on myspace, and this was on his profile… maybe your him? I dont know. Good job anyway… big blog.. nice blog.. informative blog.

    Whats not to love?

  21. Flora on June 4th, 2008

    Hi Kristi
    I am not using Payperpost at all now, and I really need to write my latest earnings update. I lost Page Rank for some very good blogs because Google went looking for all sites registered with PPP. It is easy to do because Payperpost requires code to be embedded in your site. The when my page rank dropped I could only get the low paying opps from Payperpost and frankly it was not worthwhile as their admin can be very picky too.
    On the subject of Facebook, I am definitely a girl: here is my profile link
    I am delighted if someone else is displaying a link to my site on Facebook, hope you enjoyed reading this article.

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  23. Sayantan on November 13th, 2008

    Hi,I have looked around all the sites you have mentioned in the posts.Your posts was so helpful. Good job,I really am looking forward to your posts,since I have a lot to, learn from you.

  24. telecommute jobs on December 2nd, 2008

    google is actually sniffing out PPP blogs? it’s not affecting adsense, is it?

    personally, i don’t see what the problem is having ppp or other services on your blog. these places just get way too picky sometimes. it’s original content. it’s usually an opinion of the poster. it doesn’t make sense to witch hunt the articles.

  25. Jeff Paul Internet Millions on January 23rd, 2009

    whenever someone visits that site, the registered owner makes money, it’s called traffic. For every person that visits these sites and every sale that these sites make, the owner is paid a commission. Which pretty much sums up what this Jeff Paul program is.

  26. Calvin on February 10th, 2009

    This is a great list. I would like to add reviewme and sponsoredreviews since these two website are popular for bloggers who like to get paid to write blog posts.

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