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The old ways of monetising blogs and websites have gone forever.  You can no longer hope to make money if your site has second class content and a set of Adsense ads.  Readers will just click off your page unless you give them a reason to stay.  But writing good content takes time, and one blog is very unlikely to make you enough money to live on. So, unless you can invent a 28 hour day, you need to find a smart way of producing content – and monetizing it – faster.

That was the dilemma that I have been facing, and as you can see I had not been finding time to write much new content on  this blog.  My other blogs were making more affiliate sales for a while, so I was concentrating a lot of effort on writing new articles for them.  This year I have resolved to update all my content regularly, and assess progress after three months.  I have other sites in addition to this one, for example I write articles about celebrities’ designer handbags, a subject which always seems to have plenty of fans.  I also have a site on finding a rescue dog, where I share the ups and downs of dog ownership.  One important element of success with websites is longevity, and I have been writing content for those sites over five years.  Now they have solid page rank and hopefully are no longer adversely affected by Google’s search engine updates.

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